Washington D.C. Museum Entrance

In this scenario we were required to remove two existing bollards, install a new RSSI barrier, and pour it back with a broomed concrete finish. In this particular job, however, there were a few challenges. We had to complete our daily work by eleven A.M. so we would not interfere with pedestrians and also reduce noise levels. That meant our work began around Three A.M. Also, As you can see in our photos, it was a relatively small job site, therefore, we were limited to the amount of machines and equipment we could park on site.

Normally during the demolition process we use at least two machines, one machine to break the concrete, and another to load into our dump truck. At this site however, there was not enough room for another machine and our truck, hence concrete debris had to be removed by hand and loaded into a dumpster which was later removed.

As you can see in the pictures, the drain holes on the barrier are located on the attack side, however, the existing drain was located in the rear side of the barrier, so we had to break a trough underneath the barrier and run the drain line below it. Despite these small challenges we were able to complete this job in one week and the customer was very satisfied with our finish of the product and the condition of the job site when we left it.