tricon_motorcoachTricon Construction evolved from a family owned business, originating in 1977. In earlier years, the company had a primary focus of landscaping and excavation. In a continual effort to grow and learn, we obtained our septic and underground utilities license. These licenses took the company to the next level and proved to be a valuable stepping stone. Still striving to grow, we opened a concrete division in the late 90’s. In combining all of our skills, experience, and knowledge from past to present, we have become a premier contracting company for the removal and installation of perimeter security equipment.

Understanding the demands of our industry and locations of projects, we are committed to working abroad. Four years ago we incorporated a motorcoach into our operations, which enables us to transport tools and manpower to your location. This has proven to be a cost effective resource for our company and has improved project completion time.

about-heliTricon is committed to our employees and your project. As of 2015 a helicopter was added to our fleet. This aids in project estimation and travel. Valuing family, and reducing transportation time, it allows our men to return to their families and to your project in a timely fashion.

Mission Statement
Tricon Construction is committed to providing precise, professional workmanship to our clients. We accomplish this by pursuing excellence, integrity, and honesty in the workplace.

Craig Bowen Sr. Craig Sr. – CEO and project manager for Tricon Construction.
As CEO and project manager for Tricon Construction, Craig Sr. uses his knowledge and experience to oversee all projects. he makes sure that the projects are started and finished in a timely manner and that all work is carried out with the utmost professionalism from himself and all employees. Craig is a very detailed and honest person who takes great pride in everything he does.

Craig Sr. has over thirty years of construction experience. He is quite proficient in project management, operating equipment, finishing concrete, and welding. His licenses include, Helicopters Pilot License, Class A CDL drivers license, Septic License, and Underground utilities license. His Certifications include, Certified Rigger, OSHA Certification, US Forklift Certification, NSC First Aid CPR and AED certified and is a certified welder by the American Welder Society.

Craig Bowen Jr. Craig Jr. – Project Leader for Tricon Construction.
As a project leader for Tricon Construction, Jr. uses past experience along with his BA in Business administration, to conduct, organize, and lead projects for Tricon. Like his father, he takes great pride in all stages of your project and works hard to ensure that clients are more than satisfied with the end product.

Craig Jr. has 10 years of experience in the construction industry. Throughout his experience he has become a proficient equipment operator, concrete finisher, and security installer. He has his Class A CDL drivers license, his OSHA certification, and is US Forklift certified, a certified rigger and NSC First Aid CPR and AED certified.